FSCA Collateral

FSCA Collateral

Problem: The primary aim of the campaign was to increase financial literacy, through greater awareness regarding financial management and pitfalls that lead to bad financial decisions. Moreover, the campaign aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and the creation of employment opportunities for the youth. The intended total reach was 2400 youth in Tembisa, Soweto and Soshanguve in 3 weeks.

Solution: Guiding principle for this was “authenticity”. We found an ambassador we knew the youth would relate to, drew up a social media content plan for him and allowed him to post organically as well.

  • YFM – Sponsored feature on the breakfast show and 30” generics
  • Local community radio (e.g. Sosha FM) – weekly interviewsjust after lunch time found spaces that were easily accessible for the actual events, and handled all JOC applications and event planning elements
  • Ran a 2 week SPA campaign in the targeted areas
  • Mall and street activations with Oros Mampofu to intensify the campaign within the target market
  • Designed and distributed promotional material
  • Target reached: We exceeded target and had successful events
  • We stressed quality engagement with each stakeholder
  • All attendees were excited to hear of the opportunities

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6th Jun 2018


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